>What’s a fair rate of pay?

>An editor from New Mexico saw my website and e-mailed me to ask if I had come across any newspapers that had a logical pay scale that was fair to both the paper and the writer. I had to say no. The same story could get you anything from lunch money to over a thousand dollars, depending on where you publish it. Some papers pay per inch or per word, others per story. Some don’t care if you resell it a hundred times while others claim all rights, including every possible electronic medium, including the ones not even invented yet. At one of my current gigs, I get paid for interview time, plus a per-inch rate and expenses. I thought that was pretty good until I saw what other papers were paying.
If you’re in it for the money, you have to figure out where the money is. What publications will pay you enough to compensate you fairly for enough time to research thoroughly and write and rewrite until it’s perfect? Do you reject publications that want your work but don’t pay enough?
Are there other rewards that make up for a shortage of money? Is it enough to be able to write and be published?
I would love to know what people think.

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