>How do we handle Easter in the news?

>When I was a kid growing up in a mostly Catholic California neighborhood, the daily paper would have a full-page religious picture on the front page on Easter Sunday. It would say something like “He is Risen!” And nobody complained. Of course in those days we also had “Easter vacation,” not “spring break.” These days, no secular paper would dare to put Jesus on the cover unless he showed up in human form at Wal-Mart or something. My old neighborhood is a mix of many cultures and religions now. So what’s a paper to do? Try to cover all of them? Have special editions for each religion’s major holidays? Ignore them altogether? There are plenty of paid ads for Easter church services and a fair share of Easter egg hunt listings, but what will the papers run on the front page tomorrow morning? The usual war, politics, finances and celebrity foolishness? What do you think? How should the press handle major religious holidays that affect a large portion of the readership, but not all?

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