>Google hint for freelance markets

>As you may have noticed, most resources for writers don’t have many newspaper market listings. Last night I was seeking a market for the earth-shattering, career-making idea I’m working on (you have to have confidence). Just to see what would happen, I Googled “newspaper submission guidelines.” Score! There were more listings than I could possibly look at in one session, and many of them were for major newspapers.
In general, because the market guides don’t do newspapers, except for a few small specialty pubs and syndicates we probably won’t get into, the best bet is going to the newspaper web site itself. Plow through the pages until you find guidelines or at least the name of an editor who can tell you what they want in the way of freelance. But do try the Google thing. In fact, try it on a few other search engines, too. You might find the perfect market.

2 Comments on “>Google hint for freelance markets”

  1. >Thanks for the great tip, Sue. I will definitely use this advice.

  2. Wordsmith says:

    >Thank you, Sue! Your help is greatly appreciated. Us freelancers need to stick together in these tough times.

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