>Advice for graduates

>I found some great advice for journalism grads and wanna-be reporters on a UK blog at this address: http://onlinejournalismblog.wordpress.com/2007/07/31/advice-for-journalism-graduates. In summary, j-school professor Paul Bradshaw advises: 1) Get a job, any kind of job. It looks better to potential employers, plus it gives you access to information, ideas and contacts. 2) Start a blog where you can practice writing, create samples of your work, prove you can commit to working on something, and expose your name and work to the world. 3) Get involved in the area you want to report on. 4) Buy a phone that takes pictures and audio so that if you find yourself in the middle of a story, you can send it in. 5) Develop an eye for news. Always be looking for stories, writing them up and sending them out.
Bradshaw specializes in Internet-based media. You and I may not be as high-tech as he is. We may still be figuring out our word processing programs. But I second his advice to keep your eyes open for stories at all times. When you find one, don’t sit on it. Write and send a query, an article, an editorial, with pictures if you have them. Do something with it. Do it today. As someone who used to have printers literally take the pages out of my hands, I can tell you newspapers don’t wait for anyone and news spoils faster than potato salad left in the sun.

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