>After the Interview

>As I mentioned last week, I was about to be interviewed by a local reporter. It felt odd not to be the one writing in the notebook. Overall impressions: She was so young, it went so quickly, why did she fold each page as she finished writing on it?
I think she asked most of the right questions, although she didn’t seem to look around and consider anything about me besides the books I’m promoting (Freelancing for Newspapers and Stories Grandma Never Told). I would have asked if someone was a musician, considering the overload of instruments and sheet music all over the place. I might have asked about the antiques all around or the quilted wall hanging over my piano. But I’m sure she only has so much space, and I know she had very little time.
We cleaned up the dining area for the interview, but she wanted to take photos in my natural habitat. Yikes. My office was slightly neater than usual, but I don’t know how it’s going to look in the paper.
Just for idle info, she used one of those little white reporter notebooks, a mini tape recorder, and a Nikon digital SLR camera that belonged to the newspaper. She drove a pickup truck. Blue.
I’ll put a link here on Wednesday when the story comes out, and we’ll all see how she translated what I said into print.

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