>Do as I say, not as I do

>Friday I drove almost 300 miles, got stuck in horrible traffic, wound up at the wrong Starbucks and when I finally got to the right Starbucks, embarrassingly late, I really didn’t get what I needed out of the interview. I learned (or relearned) three important lessons: 1) Prescreen your interviewees before you offer to meet them in person, 2) Don’t let them choose a meeting place away from what you’re writing about unless there’s a very good reason, and 3) Ask if there might be more than one Starbucks in the same shopping center. I still can’t believe there are two in this Portland-area center. She did mention that it was next to Barnes & Noble, and I didn’t see Barnes & Noble, but it was Starbucks. Who knew?
At both Starbuck’s, I wound up asking strangers, “Are you Jennifer? Are you Jennifer?” I’m afraid I looked like a desperate lesbian on a blind date. So, here’s one more tip: describe yourself and ask what they’ll be wearing or carrying.
It wasn’t all bad. I came home down the coast, avoiding the traffic, and the scenery was gorgeous. I also found something on the way that would make a great story. Still, a phone interview would have been a better idea.


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