>Mine stories? Query now

>The news is full of the Utah mining disaster. If you happen to have any connection, special knowledge or story ideas about mining and mining disasters, e-mail your query to your newspaper of choice immediately. You don’t have to be in Utah. If you’re in another area that has underground mines, I’m sure people will be thinking about their safety, just as when the bridge collapsed in Minnesota, officials in every state started looking at their own bridges.

If you’re not up for an article, how about an opinion piece? One question that nags me is how much people should risk their own lives in emergency situations, especially when the people they’re seeking are probably dead. Should they go into the mine? Should they dive into the polluted water to look for bodies in the cars that came off the bridge? Should they go into a building that’s about to collapse? Who makes the decision to stop or to keep going and how do they live with that decision? Look at all the people who died trying to save victims of the 9/11 attacks. Now some of the rescuers who survived are sick from all the junk they breathed in. I don’t have the answers, but these questions could become excellent op-ed pieces. Again, don’t wait. News gets stale fast.

Here’s are a couple other questions: Hundreds of people died in the earthquake in Peru. More than 200 people were killed in Iraq the same day. How come CNN went on and on for hours about the 9 people hurt in the mine? And why were they so obsessed with knowing which miners went to which hospitals? Meanwhile, the streamers under the main screen told of terrible death and destruction elsewhere–which good old Anderson Cooper didn’t even mention. What does that say about the priorities of our news providers?

Thoughts to ponder.

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