>Do blogs help you freelance?

>Do blogs help you write and sell freelance articles? I have just completed an article that will appear on writing.world.com sometime in the near future. In my Freelancing for Newspapers book, I don’t touch much on blogs, but if I had a chance to add a chapter, I would write more about blogs because they are becoming so popular. Paul Gillin’s book The New Influencers says there were 50 million in mid-2006, and the number is increasing every day.

I think blogs are helpful for the exposure, the research possibilities and the connection with newspaper editors and reporters who blog, but I would love to know what other people think. Tell me how you use blogs in your work. If you don’t use blogs, is that by choice or because you’re not sure how to go about it?

Let’s blog about it!

9 Comments on “>Do blogs help you freelance?”

  1. >Hi Sue,I actually started a blog: http://writingthecyberhighway.blogspot.com/The inspiration came from not only my love of writing, but for the necessity. I’ve noticed some freelance job ads require you to be maintaining a blog before they’ll even consider hiring you.I also read about a girl that started a blog and an editor was anonymously following it, never commenting.After a period of time, the editor contacted the writer and asked her if she could use the first few entries (with pay of course). Even better, that same editor asked this girl if she could write an article about blogging and have it ready by the next day. And there began a beautiful writing career for that writer who blogged.I bought your book, Freelancing for Newspapers and enjoyed it very much. Don’t worry, you can write about blogging in your next book:)

  2. Suelick says:

    >Michele,Wow, I guess I’d better keep blogging. Maybe I’ll start another one that isn’t about writing. It’s amazing that an employer would require an applicant to be blogging or be secretly reading blogs till she finds something she wants. Sue

  3. >My thoughts exactly….

  4. robin says:

    >YES…..blogging has helped land a position as the regular freelance editorial writer for 2 different publications. My blog is mostly…..well….all about me.And that’s what I’m writing about for these 2 publications.

  5. Suelick says:

    >It sounds like blogging is mandatory, but here’s a question that I’m struggling with: How do you know what to put in your blog and what to save for a paid article? Is it necessary to give away some of your stories and ideas in order to start getting assignments? Sue

  6. >I’m not positive about that either, Sue. I personally feel like maybe “touching on” something I’d write for pay, but then like that girl I mentioned where the editor contacted her after following her blog for a while and asked to purchase the first few entries, it may be a good idea. In addition to purchasing those few entries, that editor also asked for an article about blogging (with pay) and it really started a beautiful writing career for that young lady.Maybe I can find that info again and I’ll share it.I guess it’s a “gut thing”… Weight the pros and cons and then just go for it.

  7. robin says:

    >A lot of my columns will stem from an idea started in my blog. Fortunately (depends on how you see it) for me, my blog posts are usually so raw and blabberish that it takes much editing to turn it into a column. I guess the blogging is more of a proccessing-my-thoughts-place than it is a place to post a finished piece. I do like to link to any published pieces if at all possible.

  8. Suelick says:

    >Robin,That makes sense. The blog is just the beginning, and maybe it will turn into something bigger. Maybe not. Today’s blog post on contacts had ambitions to be an article, but then I realized I didn’t want to do any more with it. Something about blogging makes me freer in my writing. I don’t worry so much about where it will fit; I just write it and see what happens. Sue

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