>Are you backing up your files?

>It had to happen someday. The writer’s nightmare. My computer crashed and I lost all of my files. All of them. Every program, every e-mail address, every bit of writing since the last time I copied files onto a CD, which happened to be five weeks ago. The system I was using was so cumbersome I kept putting it off. I’m obsessive about printing things out, so for most of my writing, I will just need to retype the material. But some things are just gone.

At an author’s fair Saturday, I went around the tables asking people how they back up their files. Keep in mind these are all authors of at least one published book. About a third go by the hope and pray method, meaning they don’t back anything up, another third use an auxiliary hard drive, and the final third swear by a flash drive. Several also noted that you can e-mail everything to yourself as a quick, cheap way to protect your work.

I bought a flash drive on the way home. Smaller than a cigarette lighter, it plugs into the USB port, holds 4 gigabytes, is super fast and easy to use and can be carried around in one’s purse or pocket. Goodbye to my box of CDs and floppies.

I’ll be writing something longer about this very soon, but for now, let me ask the question here: Do you back up your files? How?

By the way, an author of many Christian novels guiltily admitted she hasn’t backed up her files lately, but at least she had a sense of humor about it. “Jesus saves,” she said as I moved away from her table. Thank God she was laughing.
Back it up, my friends.

2 Comments on “>Are you backing up your files?”

  1. >Oh, Sue, how horrible! I’m so sorry for you :'(I learned in college to back everything up, and in more than one place.At the moment, I have most of my writing printed out, saved on floppy, saved in my email files, and on my new flash drive.Normally when I finish a piece, I print it out and have it at minimum saved in one way.Once I submit it (if it’s online), I then have it saved in my email files.I’m fanatical about backing everything up. Hey, even while you’re writing, the electric might go off, so if you’ve at least hit “Save” every now and then, you’ll at least have most of it….I’m sure this is a lesson hard-learned.

  2. Suelick says:

    >One more thing about the computer crash and backups. I used the Windows XP restore function. Later the computer geeks informed me that was the worst possible thing to do. It erases everything forever. If I hadn’t done that, there would be a chance of reclaiming some of my files. So, don’t try to be a computer expert if you’re not. Unplug it and take it to the shop. Sue

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