>What is the fate of newspapers?

>There’s a great article on a blog called MediaShift that looks at the changing face of journalism. Is it disappearing or shifting into new media? Many of the nation’s biggest dailies have announced layoffs lately, but where are these people going and how is the news still being produced? In “Traditional Journalism Job Cuts Countered by Digital Additions,” writer Mark Glaser notes that a lot of journalists, including many freelancers, are moving into “digital jobs,” reporting online in blogs, online papers and other outlets. Journalists aren’t becoming obsolete; they’re changing how they work. It’s an interesting piece, definitely worth reading and thinking about, whether you’re just beginning to write or have been doing it for decades. Where will you and I fit in?
Surveys have shown that the younger the person the more likely he or she is to get news from the Internet rather than a daily newspaper. What does that mean for freelance writers? Where should we be pitching? Is the newspaper like the mother ship from which we launch into the online fleet?
What do you think?

One Comment on “>What is the fate of newspapers?”

  1. >Hmmm…. This is a good question, Sue. I often wonder what the fate of a lot of things will be. The times are changing.It seems that few folks actually sit down and handwrite an old fashioned letter anymore. PDAs and instant messaging are much more convenient.Everyone is too busy to weed through the pages of an awkward newspaper.We might have to face the fact that digital cameras, dvds, cds, and online publications are just a sign of the modern world we’re living in.

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