>How many angles can you find?

>A triangle has three angles, a rectangle has four, a pentagon has five, but an idea for a newspaper article can have as many angles as you can think of. I’m currently in the process of creating articles, blogs and other outtakes from the pet-related chapter of the book I’m writing on childless women. So far, I’ve got 19 angles about people’s relationships with their pets. I haven’t even gotten into choosing pets, training them, feeding them, breeding them or health concerns.

Some ideas may be more viable than others. For example, what will I do with the note about dogs watching while we have sex? Hey, doesn’t yours? Our dog gets this sappy grin on her face, and I don’t know what that’s all about. But there are angles with stronger legs, such as pet custody in divorce cases and why pets are easier to raise than children.

Think about something you love or that at least fascinates you. How many ways can you spin it? Brainstorm awhile and you’ll be surprised.

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