>She’s not a dog; she’s an idea machine

>We just adopted a new dog last week, Halle Berry Lick. Obviously black and gorgeous. She cannot replace our beloved Sadie, who died in November, but she has added a new element to our lives. What does that have to do with freelancing for newspapers? Well, since she arrived, I keep thinking of dog-related story ideas. This pooch is young and rambunctious–and big. The Safe Havens shelter from which we got her would make a good story on its own, but there are plenty of other topics: What steps do you need to take to welcome a new dog into the family? How do you keep a big water-loving dog out of the spa and is it okay if she drinks the water? Do you have to take her to school to train her? What chew toys are safest and most durable? How do you keep her from assuming that everything else–your shoes, your headphones, the coasters–are also chew toys? What if she won’t eat what you feed her? Why is crate training so popular now, and how do you do it? Etc.
Whatever’s happening in your own life will provide article ideas, like low-growing fruit that’s easy to grab off the tree. Take an idea and spin it every way you can think of for every possible market.
Now I need to get Halle a treat for giving me something to write about in my blog this morning. See how it works?

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