>Christian Science Monitor going online

>I’m so behind on my reading that I am actually just now reading a March edition of the Christian Science Monitor. But today I discovered an announcement that the CSM, in print for 100 years as of Nov. 25, is scrapping its daily print edition and going mostly online. As of April 2009, it will offer a daily e-mail edition and a weekly print magazine. Why? You can read all about it in the Monitor’s Oct. 28 announcement, but essentially, it’s making these changes to save money, reach the growing Internet audience, and deliver news more quickly. Like many papers, they’re following the wave into the 21st century.

As a reader, I think this is a good thing. The Monitor is a wonderful paper, full of fascinating, intelligent articles with a worldwide focus. But with most of its issues distributed by mail, there’s no way it can keep up with other media, and it does have an old-fashioned look to it that probably doesn’t fit in modern times. But I worry that those thoughtful articles that dominate its pages will not be so thoughtful next year, that they’ll be rushed online without time to polish them.

As a writer, I worry about what this means for freelancers. Take a trip over to the http://www.csmonitor.com/About/Contributor-guidelines#written to check out the freelance guidelines. The Home Forum essays have always attracted me, but there are lots of ways to contribute. I suspect many of these will disappear. It wouldn’t hurt to shoot a few articles or queries to them in the next couple months, but after that, I guess we’ll all have to wait and see what the new Christian Science Monitor will look like and whether it will have room for us.

Although this blog, and my book, are called Freelancing for Newspapers, we freelancers must take advantage of all the various ways writing can be delivered these days. It’s not just the folded paper on the driveway anymore.

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