>Stuffed with Thanksgiving

>The newspapers, magazines and TV are overloaded with Thanksgiving articles, recipes and ads this week. Everything seems to be written with the assumption that we’re all going to be chowing down on turkey in big family gatherings. That simply isn’t true for everyone. In fact, I can name several friends who, like us, are planning on a quiet day at home. Not only are they far from family, but they’ve been working so hard they look forward to doing nothing. Other people are sick, disabled or can’t afford to do the big holiday thing.

What’s the connection with freelancing? Editors welcome new angles on the old articles. Let’s all look for stories about non-traditional Thanksgivings. Ditto for Christmas. What are the alternatives to the standard celebration? What options are available for those who’d like to turkey down but can’t do it without help? What about those folks who just don’t eat turkey? How do we explain this holiday to newly arrived immigrants? On the more mercenary side, one could do a roundup of restaurants offering Thanksgiving dinner. Or grocery stores selling complete dinners ready to heat and eat.

How about a religious connection? What are churches doing about turkey day? Although I don’t plan a big dinner, I do plan to go to church on Thursday and thank God for my blessings. I expect sparse attendance at that service. Between football and feasting, most folks will be too busy.

It doesn’t take long to brainstorm lots of article ideas. It’s too late to get anything published in print this year, but you might get something in for Christmas. Meanwhile, look for the publication possibilities online and save your list of ideas for queries next September.

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