>Another place to look for freelance work

>It’s a new year. Resolve to get going on that writing dream. Set a goal, perhaps one submission a week? Make it a goal you know you can accomplish if you just apply seat to chair and fingers to keyboard. While you’re at it, if you haven’t been keeping careful track of income and expenses, start now so you’re prepared at tax time next year. Whether you do it with a spreadsheet, a program like Quicken, a handwritten ledger book or notes on your calendar doesn’t matter as long as you have the numbers when you need them.

To help you get started, I found another site where you can locate lots of freelance jobs. Go to www.online-writing-jobs.com and click on Freelance Journalism Jobs. The ads are quite specific about what they’re looking for, and the work is the kind of thing I’d be doing if I were starting out and living in a bigger city.

As with any ad, be somewhat cautious. Before you dive in, look up the publication and see if it’s something you want to write for. Then find out what they pay and what rights they buy. If it’s looking good, write up some ideas, then contact the editor in whatever way they request.

If you don’t find anything in the journalism section, there are lots of other options for freelance work that might also be fun and profitable.

May your clips and checks be plentiful in 2009.

2 Comments on “>Another place to look for freelance work”

  1. >What’s with the freelance work everywhere? It’s my fourth post that talks about it. Do you really love work with computers all day. It sounds very boring. I can’t see myself as a freelance worker. I love working with people face to face, and not through computer screen. I love dressing up for work, and drive to work. Anyway, good luck to everyone who works on that, I’m sure you enjoying it, as much as I enjoy go to work.

  2. >Hey,I respect your work very much. Well worded talent goes far in the journalism career. Keep up the good work, so far I’ve clearly understood and followed up with your writings and I just want to throw some kudos at you, very good to hear people putting their mind to words the clear way :)Anyways, until the next time I run across your page, c ya’ ciao!

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