>The perfect workspace

>I’m thinking about rearranging my office. Of course I should be pitching stories, but my office is giving me claustrophobia. I know that once I’m writing, it doesn’t matter where I am, but I need a certain ambience to get going. That may mean closing the door, turning on soft music and promising myself I won’t leave my desk until the CD is finished. I may have to clear every surface of the many piles of paper, or maybe I need to take that laptop I just got back from the shop and go work somewhere else.

In the typical newspaper office, reporters are surrounded by noise: people talking, telephones ringing, the clack of computer keys. Folks call or come in, and you have to stop mid-story to deal with another subject. Or maybe it’s time to go out for an interview and you leave your work half-done, but somehow, with a deadline always pending and the peer pressure of people working all around you, you get your writing done. Freelancing is a different matter. You have to get yourself started, and most homes are full of distractions.

So, how about you? What is your workspace like now, and what would it be if you had the ideal place to work? Do you have a ritual to get yourself going? I would love to hear your ideas on this.

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