>Take a little time

>The phone sits silent. Sales offers clog the e-mail inbox, and Christmas cards fill the snail mail box. Editors are on vacation; sources can’t speak to us until “after the holidays.” We survived the solstice, and now we must survive Christmas. If you have deadlines to meet, you must still meet them. If not, well, you’re self-employed. Give yourself some holiday time. But keep your notebook nearby for ideas to follow up on. Also keep your holiday short because the work you don’t do now will result in a lack of funds and clips next year.

As the year dwindles away in a flash of Christmas lights and torn wrapping paper, consider using the time for analyses, updates and new goals. What have you accomplished in 2009? What do want to accomplish next year, and what will you do to do to make that happen? With a fresh new year, what else needs refreshing? Is your web page, like mine, getting a little stale? Are you hanging onto a client who pays poorly because it’s easier than finding a new one? Is it time to stop fighting with your old slow-moving computer and buy a new one? What types of work brought you money and satisfaction and what brought you mostly frustration?

Every company should review its efforts at least once a year. That includes our freelance businesses, of which we are CEO, secretary, treasurer, talent, mail clerk, janitor and everything else. Take a look back at 2009, make plans for 2010, then kick back and enjoy the egg nog. A new year awaits.

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