>Should you take a class?

>I have taken hundreds of classes. I’ve taught quite a few, too. The one thing I keep hearing from my former students is that they wish I would teach some more so that they could start writing again. They can’t seem to get going without a class that gives them deadlines to meet. Until recently, I thought these people were just lazy. All they had to do was sit down and write. But lately, with a million other things on my mind, I’ve been thinking about taking another class. This freelance life can be lonely and formless. A class would give me deadlines and people to work with. But then I look at the price and the content of the class and know that I wouldn’t learn anything new. For me, it’s not time to take a class; it’s time to get to work

However, a writing class can be a real boost for many people. The key is to find a class that offers what you need at this time. Is there a skill that you want to learn, such as writing queries or writing great leads? Do you need a general overview to help you get started? Is someone you really admire teaching the class? Are you thinking about trying a new kind of writing? Do you need someone to critique your work?

There are lots of good reasons to take a class. Maybe you do need a class to help you get going with regular assignments and deadlines. Just know that like riding a bike, sooner or later the training wheels have to come off and you have to balance on your own or park the bike on the grass and go do something else.

I didn’t set out to advertise, but since we’re talking about this, I offer several online classes which you can read about at my website, www.suelick.com. Christina Katz, author of Writer Mama, has some terrific classes for both beginning and advanced writers. Check out the listings at www.ChristinaKatz.com. Do a search for writing classes and you will find plenty of listings. Just make sure to check out the teacher’s credentials before you spend money or time on their classes.

And if, like me, you know what to do but don’t seem to be doing it, let’s all just try to do one thing to further our careers every day. You’re welcome to report here if you need to be accountable to someone.


Have you purchased your copy of Freelancing for Newspapers yet?

One Comment on “>Should you take a class?”

  1. D. Bianchi says:

    >Your classes look great. I am hoping to take Christina's class this fall (fingers crossed). Hopefully I will be able to take your newspaper class one day too. There are so many great classes out there, just not so much time or money. I do make an attempt to learn on my own and have been reading Christina's Writer Mama (love it) and have just purchased your book. Can't wait to get started with that one!

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