>New FabJob book focuses on freelance writing

>I’m quoted in the new FabJob Guide to Become a Freelance Writer by Kelly Boyer Sagert. This e-book shows two paths to freelancing: writing magazine and newspaper articles, and writing in the corporate world. It’s a good overall look at the non-literary writing business, with lots of samples, charts, lists and links. Available only as an e-book, it’s a worthwhile resource. I know I found myself taking notes and marking lots of pages to refer back to.

The FabJob Guide emphasizes the business side of freelancing, with lots of information that can benefit all of us. For example, how many writers take time to make a business plan and budget? This book shows you how.

Corporate writing–PR, reports, brochures, blogs, newsletters, marketing materials, etc.–is not my thing, but I have done it, and it is probably the most profitable type of freelance writing. It all depends on what you feel most comfortable doing.

Sagert writes in depth about how to find and approach clients and how to bid on projects. If you can write, you can do it. Just know that instead of editors, you will be working with business people and will have to write what they want–gently guiding them with your expertise, of course.You may not get as many bylines, but you will be well paid and probably wined and dined, too.

Give it a look. I am not comfortable with the book’s title. I think it should be “becoming,” but all the books in the series follow the same format. In fact, if you want to find out how to be an undertaker, there’s a FabJob book for that.
Have you purchased your copy of Freelancing for Newspapers yet?

One Comment on “>New FabJob book focuses on freelance writing”

  1. >Thanks for all of your help with the book, Sue! Much appreciated.

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