>Have you seen these sites?

>Dear friends,
I admit that I have been missing in action lately. In addition to being sick (still), I’ve been dealing with my husband’s illness, which is very bad and has me commuting 140 miles every other day. So, today I am sharing some sites that will give you plenty of good reading and resources while I’m off dealing with life beyond the computer.

If you don’t know about the Society of Professional Journalists, SPJ, check it out. This link,http://blogs.spjnetwork.org/freelance/?p=575 tips on freelancing for newspapers, will give you tips on freelancing for newspapers. From there, you can easily click to the home page and find out about the many benefits of joining SPJ or just reading their website.

Marcia Yudkin has been offering wonderful advice to freelancers through her books, articles and blogs for years. Her Freelance Writing FAQ is just loaded with information.

One of Writer’s Digests top 10 websites for writers is Michelle Rafter’s WordCount:Freelancing in the Digital Age. You’ll find plenty to keep you busy there.

Enjoy. See you when the smoke clears.
Have you purchased your copy of Freelancing for Newspapers yet?

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