Cool sites for writers

I just discovered this great website by the Academy of American Poets that allows you to plug in any state in the United States and find out everything you could possibly want to know about poetry in that state: poets laureate, organizations and publications, poetry-friendly bookstores, poems about the state, and more. It’s Disneyland for poetry lovers. Just go to, click on the Poetry Map and plug in your state with a slash and the two-letter postal code, e.g.,

We have a project going in Oregon called Oregon Poetic Voices. Poets from all over the state have been recording their poems to create a visual and audio archive. I have four poems there myself. Listen and enjoy.

If you want something a little more left-brained, you might want to look at  I hadn’t been there for a while and I was bowled over by everything that’s there. Mediabistro serves as a clearinghouse for jobs in the media, including print, broadcast and online gigs, both staff and freelance. You can search jobs and also post your qualifications in the hope the right employer will find you. The site also has a lot of marketing information for those who write freelance articles. I’m going to add it to my favorites. Yes, it has a lot of advertising, but you might also find your dream job here.

I filled three pages in my notebook today before I started doing this. Have you done your writing today? Go write.

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