>Consider other freelance possibilities

>Perusing the literature online these days, I find a common thread: former newspapers and editors are being forced into the freelance world, along with other freelancers who were already struggling to make a living. Some are doing their old jobs on a freelance basis. Others are trying new ways to use their writing skills.

Let me share three articles that may lead you in directions you never considered. Think of it as my Christmas present.

First, take a look at the story in Digital Media about Robert Mullins, a Silcon Valley tech reporter who got laid off in August at age 53. He admits that freelancing isn’t as easy as having a steady salary, 401K and benefits, but he’s finding ways to make it work. The article, “A Tech Journalist’s Unexpected Path to Freelance,” was posted by Greg Sandoval on Dec. 8.

In “My Wish List for a Beleaguered Profession,” Renay San Miguel, writing for TechNewsWorld, discusses the need for newspaper people to transition to the World Wide Web. His main point: Those who aren’t up to date with technology will lose out to those who are.

Finally, for real gold, read Deborah Ng’s “30 Types of Freelance Writing Jobs and How to Get Them.” It includes several possibilities I never thought about. Granted this isn’t necessarily freelancing for newspapers, but it is writing for money, and thus worth considering, especially if you’re just trying to get your career started.

Merry Christmas to everyone. Thanks for stopping by.