>You won’t be published if you can’t write

>Forgive me for being grouchy this morning, but I have a cold, my back is out of whack, and I surrendered one of my beloved dogs to the humane society last week because I can’t take care of him anymore. Plus it’s raining again.

How can I say this delicately? I have reached the limit of my patience with bad writing. Dear friends, if you want to become published writers, you must master the basics of writing in English or whatever your language is. No editor will consider a story that is filled with misspellings, tangled sentences, repetition, non-logic, and words that are just not the right words in that context. If you want to be a writer, your writing should be far better than average. If you have problems writing and you really want to be published, do two things: Read good writing. Read a lot of it, read until the structure and rhythm of the language are ingrained in your soul. Second, study. Take a course, work with a tutor or teacher, keep polishing your skills until your writing sings with every note in tune.

Finally, if your native language is not English, don’t force yourself to write in English if you can’t do it well. I know a bit of two other languages, but I wouldn’t dream of writing for publication in those languages. There’s no shame in admitting you don’t know the language well enough. But there is plenty of shame in submitting bad writing.

End of rant. Forgive my grouchiness. Time for a cup of tea and a little chicken soup.