>Be more profitable and productive in 2011

>Lots of people make money advising us on how to write more and make more money. It all boils down to two things: putting in the hours on focused work and approaching writing as a business. But these are not easy things to do; sometimes a little help doesn’t hurt.

I’m currently re-reading Kelly James-Enger’s Six-Figure Freelancing. It’s a great book, and I recommend it to anyone who is hoping to make money at their writing. If you don’t need the money, maybe this isn’t the book for you because it has a hardcore show-me-the-money attitude. But think about it. A six-figure annual income means you’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with all the freedom and responsibilities of being self-employed.

A little less money-oriented is Sage Cohen’s new book, The Productive Writer. I know Sage as a poet, but it turns out she has been making money writing other things for years. If you’re not ready to spend money for the book, visit her website anyway. If you sign up for her mailing list, she will send you “10 Ways to Boost Writing Productivity.” It’s good stuff.

If that’s not enough, I teach online classes in freelance article writing, successful blogging and other topics. Visit https://writeraid.net/classes for details.

Have a wonderful Christmas and don’t forget to take notes on anything that might make a good story. For example, my aunt sent me this very interesting tea from a little shop in Washington. I think there’s an article there.

Happy holidays!


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