>More dismaying news and a plus sign

>Yesterday I wrote about the Christian Science Monitor canceling its daily print newspaper after 100 years to go almost totally online. Today, it was announced that PC Magazine is also ceasing its print publication and will be published only online. This thick mag used to be like the Bible for computer nuts. Although it doesn’t have the history of the Monitor, it certainly has the heft. This is scary stuff, my friends.

For more scary stuff, check out the blog Taking Notes, which I found because I wanted to start a new blog by that title. Scooped! But the author has a lot of hard facts about the state of newspapering these days. Take a look.

Yikes, right. But don’t throw away your pen or smash your computer. Journalism, whether freelance or staff, is not going away; it’s going online. Whatever medium it appears in, your writing is still going to be needed. With the speed and unlimited space of the Internet, you may find more opportunities than ever. I’ll be checking them out along with you.
You may or may not notice that I have added a plus sign to the title of this blog. If I stick to just newspapers, I can’t possibly keep up with the times. The media are changing faster than the price of gas these days. So we will look at other freelance outlets, as well as newspapers. Indeed many newspaper companies put out a media package these days, which includes not only the print publication, but an online version, a blog, extra online content, video, audio and whatever else they can dream up. If we want to succeed, we must keep up. So now it’s Freelancing for Newspapers +.