>Library of Congress Newspaper Project

>Imagine what it would have been like to write for a newspaper during World War I, during World War II, or at other times in U.S. history. That’s what some of the lessons suggest at a wonderful site put online by the Library of Congress. It’s called the Newspaper Project and gives assignments that are not only great practice but take you back in history. The lessons are linked to pages that offer news of the era in question, with quotes, articles, photos and fact sheets. For a history buff like me, this is just too cool. Even if you never try the lessons, the resources linked to them may come in handy.
Where do you find all this good stuff? Start with The Learning Page Newspaper Project . Follow the links there, including Newswire, American Memory,and the Research Library.
Let’s ignore the fact that women and people of color were not often allowed to write for newspapers back in the day and have some fun with this.