>Rad resources for freelancers

>Feeling a little blogged out, I thought I’d just offer you information on three resources I have found very helpful.

First, there’s the book I’m currently reading, The ASJA Guide to Freelance Writing, published by the American Society of Journalists and Authors. It’s like somebody opened the door and let you into the room where the big moneymaking writers share their secrets. ASJA is a wonderful organization for freelancers, but definitely not for beginners. You need to have published in major national markets or have a book published to qualify, and the dues are $195.00 a year. But anybody can buy this book for $15.95–or less if you catch a deal. ASJA also opens part of its newletter to nonmembers. At the ASJA website, you can read the back issues and sign up to be notified when the new ones come out.

The Renegade Writer by Linda Formicelli and Diana Burrell, Marion Street Press, 2005, is another great book for writers. It’s easy to read, full of the real skinny, and it will help you move out of the world of tiny checks and stalled careers onto the road to the big time. The book lists all the rules writers are taught and then explains why, how and when we should break them. Chapters include developing ideas, “no-fear querying,” contracts, research, interviews, writing, getting paid, developing a renegade attitude and “thriving, not just surviving”. For more from these authors, check the Renegade Writer blog.

Finally, there’s “The ‘Yes’ Checklist,” published by Paul Lima on his Six-Figure Freelancer’s Blog. It lists all the questions you should ask when an editor says yes to your article query. Too often we get so excited about an acceptance we forget to ask these questions. Use this list and you’ll have all the info you need. Lima’s site offers lots of other useful tips.

Go forth and publish.

2016 NOTE: Paul Lima has