Online Classes with Sue Fagalde Lick

In over 40 years writing, editing and publishing, I have learned a few things which I am eager to pass on to other writers. In addition to my current online classes, I am available for live in-person classes and workshops, and I enjoy working individually with writers to help them achieve their goals. Click here for more information on my editing, writing and mentoring services or contact me at to sign up.
You can take these classes any time you’re ready!
Online Classes:


How to Create and Maintain a Successful Blog

6 weeks, $125
These days everybody seems to have a blog. But they’re not all good, and they don’t all get read. This course will look at how to put together a blog, how to fill it with content that will keep readers coming back, how to keep going post after post, and how to expand beyond your own blog world to guest on other sites and make actual money blogging.
(outline under construction. Email for details)
Writing and Selling Reviews and Opinion Pieces
6 weeks, $125
If you’re the kind of writer who likes to tell people what you think, this is the class for you. Reviews are everywhere, and not just book reviews, but reviews of movies, CDs,  concerts, software, tours, cameras and lots of other products and services.  We look at the market for reviews and try writing two different kinds. Then we turn to editorials, commentaries and op-ed pieces, discussing the market and the elements of successful opinion pieces.

Writing and Selling Freelance Articles
8 weeks, $150
In this class, we develop a list of freelance opportunities, brainstorm ideas for the kinds of articles newspaper, magazine and web editors want and pursue one or more of those ideas all the way from a query to a completed article. We also discuss ways to make more money with multiple sales and how to handle the business aspects of freelance writing.

Creating and Selling a Column
8 weeks, $150
Would you like to become the next Dave Barry or Erma Bombeck? You might not become as famous as they are, but you can write and sell a column. It’s a wonderful way to have your say, share your knowledge and experience, and develop a loyal readership. In this course, we will consider the various types of columns, discuss how to find ideas and develop a voice, and learn how to market your columns, including self-syndication and selling to existing syndicates. You should finish with several completed columns and a solid marketing plan.

Please comment below or contact me at for more information about any of these classes.

Each week, students will receive new lessons by e-mail, complete with exercises due the following week. Students may be asked to purchase my book, Freelancing for Newspapers, published by Quill Driver Books, as a required text for some of the courses listed above. Most of the concepts in the book apply just as well to magazines and webzines. Other books will be suggested but not required.

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