Summer vacation? Not for real writers

It’s June. The kids are out of school, and people are taking summer vacations. But what about those of us who write?

My friend Christina Katz recently asked her writer friends on Facebook whether they take significant time off from their writing during the summer.  Most of them said something along the lines of “absolutely not.” I don’t either. Nor do I take winter vacation, spring break or Monday holidays off.

Here’s why not.

* When you take a break from writing, it’s hard to get restarted when you come back.

* I’m too involved in my writing projects to quit now, and I have deadlines to meet.

* I can’t afford it.

* This isn’t like working in a factory. There’s nobody to take my place.

*** I like writing. Forcing me to stop feels like punishment.

So I’m not going to take the summer off from writing, but I do highly recommend taking breaks from everything else. If you can, take a vacation from the day job and the chores at home. Travel. A change of location can be wonderfully mind-clearing and inspiring. But take your writing tools and a camera. You’ll need them. Instead of taking a vacation from writing, take a vacation to writing.

Put on your bathing suit and go lie on that beach in Waikiki. Feel the sand on your toes and the sun on your back as your pen races across the page. Now that’s a good vacation.

How about you? Do you take a break during the summer? Do you write more or less? What would be the ideal vacation for a writer? Please share in the comments.

By the way, Christina Katz has published several wonderful books for writers, including Writer Mama, Get Known Before The Book Deal, and The Writer’s Workout.

Now let’s go write.

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