Job-seeking at and

If you’re looking online for freelance writing opportunities, and both offer lots of possibilities.

As with many sites, one must register to read the listings at, but it doesn’t cost anything. You will get the occasional e-mail from them, but you might also find some great jobs. Narrowing my search today to freelance work, I got 38 listings. They vary widely. If I were a food writer, I’d jump on the listing for a freelancer for CafeMom. They want a blogger and will pay $40 a post. It isn’t big bucks, but it could be fun, easy and a good way to get clips to find more lucrative work. You could write iPhone apps for UrbanDaddy or parenting blogs for an unnamed site. There are editing and PR gigs there, too. You can also find listings for, an online newspaper which is seeking writers from New Hampshire this week but has outlets all over the country. lets writers advertise their skills for editors to see. They also offer courses and articles on job-hunting and a bulletin board to chat.

At, some of the listings are a little older, but the offerings are more appealing to me than those at For example, there are freelance listings for a Sacramento Correspondent for the Bureau of National Affairs, freelance reporters for The Houston Chronicle, college sportswriters for College Sportswatch, freelancers for Hamptons Magazine, reporters in Iowa, California and New York, and more. This site also has news and articles about the journalism business. As with, you can post your resume here for employers to see.

These two sites should keep you busy until next week when I’ll be back with more. Have fun.