Stupid questions non-writers ask writers

“Are you still writing?”

That question always gets my hackles up. People who ask me this are not writers. Otherwise they’d know it’s like asking me if I’m still breathing.

Writing is not like other activities. Am I still knitting? No, but I still have my needles and yarn. Am I still eating chocolate cupcakes for breakfast? No, too fattening. But am I still writing? Of course.

Writing is what I do. It’s who I am. It’s as much a part of me as my brown eyes or my left-handedness. I process my world by writing it down.  It’s my joy, my frustration, my work, and my life

I may change what I write or how I write. I may retire from a writing job to do my writing at home, but as long as I can put together words, I will write.

 Is your new book out yet?

You mean the one I just finished writing, the one for which I haven’t found a publisher yet, the one that will probably take at least a year to see print after I find a publisher? Or do you mean the one I’m writing now while I simultaneously try to get the other one published and sell copies of the ones that are already published? No. Books take time. I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, why don’t you buy one of the books I’ve already published?

Where do you get your ideas?

People. Work. Play. Books, newspapers, websites, TV. Watching, listening, tasting, smelling, touching, feeling. You know, life. Look around. Write it down.


Want to go shopping/to the beach/scrapbooking/out to breakfast?

I’m writing.


How about tomorrow?

Still writing.


What do you do all day?

I write!


What stupid questions do people ask you about writing? And what do you tell them? Please share in the comments.